Send fees

Currency Method Fee
BTC Send to Bitcoin address Dynamic*
* Actual network fees depend on the size of your transaction

Receive fees

Currency Method Fee
BTC Receive by Bitcoin address Free

Withdrawal fees

Currency Method Fee
MYR Interbank GIRO/IBFT RM 0.10
MYR Instant Banking RM 1.06

Deposit fees

Currency Method Fee
MYR Interbank GIRO/IBFT Free

Instant Buy/Sell fees

Currency Type Fee
MYR Instant Buy 5%
MYR Instant Sell 7%

Advertisement fees

Currency Type Fee
BTC/MYR Advertisment Sell Free * Promotions is only for 2000 users
BTC/MYR Advertisement Buy Free * Promotions is only for 2000 users

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

  • Deposit and withdrawal will take up to 24 to 48 hours
  • Deposit and withdrawal must be made to the same person of account holder who owns the Pinkexc account
  • Pinkexc will reject the deposit and withdrawal application if the person use other person account such as friends or family members.
  • We do not tolerate to the customer who fails to comply with laws, rules and regulation.
  • You must left at least 0.0008 for network fees for every withdrawal from your wallet to other wallet
  • Verification levels and limits

    Level Requirements Supporting Details Issue Date Limits
    1 E-mail address verification Personal information details
  • Mobile number and basic personal details confirmation.
  • User are required to submit proof of identity documentation.
  • Please ensure that all supporting document are clear legitable. Blurry or illegible documents are not accepted.
  • Citizen: NRIC (Mykad Front and Back)/Malaysian Driving License/Valid Malaysian Passport (Front and Back)
  • Local bank statement
  • Foreigner: Copy of passport with word 'Original ID' sighted.
  • Latest MYR 100, 000