Best Exchange Rate

We are happy to offer the best Bitcoin exchange rates in the market. We aim to keep spreads as narrow as possible to offer our clients the optimal exchange rate.

Secure and Transparent

Buyers and sellers information are securely transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol. Our exchange rates are upfront so you know exactly what you pay. There are no hidden charges nor dodgy deals with us.

Easy and Quick Process

Conveniently and securely buy and sell Bitcoins through our website. Our website is designed to be user friendly and easy to navigate with no steep learning curves required.

Buying and Selling Rate

Start buying and selling your Bitcoins with us today.

Privacy Policy

Under no circumstances, Pink Exchanger will disclose personal information of its users or send it to some third parties. Also we do not send information regarding your personal details to local fiscal authorities even having official request from them without notifying you in advance. The only information that is displayed publicly are current exchange rates, which may includes transaction's date and time, amount.